seat problem

hi im a guy. thats my main problem. the seat HURTS. does anyone know how i can fix this or deal with it!!! its very distracting, and i have to take contstant brakes :angry:

What seat?

the unicycle seat!!!

I believe what John ment was what kind of seat are you riding.

There are a few different makes of unicycle seats out there, and depending on the brand you might be able to do some modifications to it to make it alot more comfertable.


Re. seat problems

Is it a Savage or Viscount or what. If it is a Savage, Get rid if it because it’s hurts too with me. Only good for Kids or Circuses only to stayed on for 5 minutes of Juggling. Go for a Viscount or a Velco saddles. Kris Holm saddles are darn good too. Invest in one if you can afford it. Go to website.
All the best of luck eatfood11. Keep it simple for everyone to read your posts too.

Re: seat problem

eatfood11 wrote:
> hi im a guy. thats my main problem. the seat HURTS.

One thing that helps with manly comfort or rather discomfort is to wear
cycling shorts. Another thing you can do is make or purchase an air
saddle or purchase a KH Velo saddle which is quite padded and
comfortable. Also adjusting your (ahem) package is not uncommon prior to
mounting and riding a unicycle.

Good luck.



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Re. seat problems

Go for a Viscount or a Velco saddles.

Postscript from my last post. It’s Velo saddle Not Velco saddle as I mention above. Sorry for that cause of concern.


yes its a savage. so ill go find a new one thanks…