Seat posts

When I started learning how to ride at the beginning of the year, I lowered my seat post. It wouldn’t go low enough to where I felt comfortable, so I cut some off the bottom. Then I cut some more off. As soon as I could go a few feet, I realized that I’d lowered it more than I needed to, so I raised it back up. I thought I’d raised it back up enough, but now that I’m feeling comfortable on it, I think I can raise it another half-inch or inch or so. Unfortunately – as I’m sure some of you have guessed at this point – I cut too much off, and I’ve got it as high as it will go.:o

So I need to get a new seat post. I’m pretty sure that what I’ve got is a United seat post (, or something very similar, as it has the cross-hatch etching. There’s 8 inches left, so I figure I need something that’s 11 or 12 inches.

But what kind should I get? I just read some threads here about seat posts breaking, but I’m not worried about that: I’m not doing anything off-road, and won’t be for a long, long time, and I’m not interested in trials, I’m just going to be riding (or attempting to ride!) on relatively flat pavement, at relatively low speeds. My biggest concern is that the post that I have is all dimpled at all of the places where I clamped it in, and I’d like to get something that is less likely to bend like that, because it seems to me that if it’s less likely to bend, it will be less likely to move if (er, when) it hits the ground during a UPD. I noticed while attempting to freemount (ha ha, THERE’S something that will take a while) that the seat kept wanting to tweak out of center just by the small amount of pressure I was applying with my legs. But I’m not sure if that’s something that’s just going to happen, regardless of what kind I get.

For what it’s worth, the unicycle is a 24" Sun, and the external diameter of the seat post is just shy of 7/8" (so I assume it’s a 22.2mm).

Any advice would be appreciated!


The standard United seatpost will do you fine. The people who are bending seatposts are doing aggressive riding that you can’t do on a Sun without risking breaking the unicycle. You’re not going to be bending the seatpost unless something odd happens.

If the seatpost collar is removable from the Sun (sometimes they are spot welded on) you can replace it with a Nimbus dual bolt clamp or similar. It will hold the seatpost securely and keep it from twisting. The stock seatpost clamp on unicycles like the Sun is wimpy and completely unable to clamp the seatpost properly.

Thanks, John!

The collar seems to be fixed. Is it removable anyway, with a little carefully-applied elbow grease? I don’t want to break anything, but I really would like to have a better collar if it’s possible.

It can be removed. People have done it. I have not, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of what is involved. Might want to email UDC ( to see what they suggest. Or perhaps someone will respond here who has removed one of the spot welded on clamps.

I would suspect that you will have to sand or file away some bits of old weld after forcibly breaking the weld.

A good quality clamp makes all the difference in terms of getting the seatpost to stay put. A good single bolt clamp will do well. A good double bolt clamp will do great.