seat posts / inseam measurments

I need to cut a new seatpost for my new uni (yeay! it’s an older, no-name uni,
but for free, who’s complaining?). The old post is too short.

The length of the new post will determine the adjustable range, and I’d like to
maximize the number of friends that my uni will fit. (I think I spend more time
teaching people to ride than actually riding).

The important measurement is a person’s inseam length. If I knew the range
of typical inseam lengths for the population, I could calculate what post
length I want.

Does anyone know what’s the typical range? I guess we could do a survey - What’s
your inseam length, or what’s the distance from your crotch to the ground when
you’re wearing your comfortable shoes and standing up straight? (make sure to
specify which measurement you’re using.)

Feel free to use cm, inches, feet, nanometers or any other common measure of
distance. :slight_smile:

Martin Jaspan <