Seat Post?

Has anyone ever or heard of someone that put the seatpost on the outside diameter of the frame, so it doesnt actually go in the frame but on the outside. I messed up on my order so the seat post is larger than the actual frame diameter but it still fits snugg on the outside diameter. If I got a larger seat post clamp would it work? Thanks.

you might cut yourself on it, though i think it might work, but im no expert on seatposts.

oh and btw you might want a more descriptive thread title

Hmm…might work…but I can’t imagine the seat post clamp would be able to clamp it very well. If you look closely, the frame has a notch cut out so the seat post clamp can “squeeze” the frame down. The seatpost wouldn’t “squeeze” down very well.

I’d say best bet would be to try and return it if you haven’t used/cut/scratched it yet, and get the right size.

I don’t know, but it might squash or damage the top of the frame. Also, since seat posts aren’t made to fit over anything, they may have rough edges on the inside that could make some nasty scratches. If you do it I’d recommend a minimum of 3" of overlap.

Send it back

Even if you could find a suitable clamp (unlikely), and cut a slot in the post so it could snug against the frame, the frame may be damaged. It needs a post inside of it for strength.

that sound like the best idea. even if a clamp fit it wouldn’t work because there isn’t a cut in the post… the slit in the tube allows the clamp to tighten it down and w/o a slit it wouldn’t be able to clamp the seatpost down on the other tube, so it would just spin and slide.