-Seat Post

After breaking by KH 20" Trial’s seat post, I am looking at buying a new one from Bedford. I wanted a Cr-Mo seat post but they arent available for my KH. He does however have a Carbon Fiber seat post which costs $100. Is the carbon fiber worth getting? Or should I get the original one again that already broke on me? Or should I order the Cr-Mo from the UK? All imput greatly appreciated.

I can eliminate the expensive option for you easily. You don’t want a CF seatpost for trials. CF can’t take the abuse from hits and scrapes and other things.

For the other options just give Bedford a call and see what he suggests as being the best option.

you can get Chromoly seat posts to fit the Kris Holm unicycle. These will be much stronger than aluminium post they come with. I don’t recommend carbon fiber seat post for a trails unicycle although they are light they can break catastrophically