Seat Post

I have a unistar CX and my seat post is to short. When the pedal is all the way down, my bottom leg is still bent a lot. Where can i buy a new seat/post? I know that unicyles have a different style seatsthen bikes so i dont know if i could find one in a bike shop. I cant save the seat and get a new post because they are attached with screws and stuff. Also, it would be a plus to have the seat come with a handle attached too. Any suggestions?

It would cost a lot but I would/did get a kh gel seat and a GB4 seatpost. The seat is 99.8% better and the seat post makes it even better. Since the CX has no handle last I checked any seat/seatpost would be better. Also you do not need to have the leg completely straight if you plan on doing any jumps so you can pull the seat up to get more height.

make that 100% just for the heck of it

could you show me a pic of how much yer leg should be bent when the pedals down?

I like the seat about 3" below my bellybutton some people like it right at you belly button which is probally better unless you ride street or trials. And if your gonna upgrade your seat and post you might aswell get a new uni.

I agree. the CX is a begginers uni, useful only for learning to ride a unicycle. if you plan to do any type of trick, freestyle or street or trials or whatever, you are going to need a new uni. the CX won’t hold up. any other uni you get will have different length seatposts to choose from when you order it. I am about 5-11, and a 300 mm seatpost was just right for me, lowered all the way. I cut it down anyway, so I would be able to jump higher. And I was probably shorter when I got it, maybe 5-9 or so.

i like it at waist height
its all personal preference

(break the cx so that you have an excuse to buy a new one)<<<<<JUST KIDDING!!!

the hight makes a difference only by limiting what style you can ride. with a trials seat hight(high seat) i can’t jump that high seat under. street hight(low seat) it is very hard for me to do SIF. it all depends on you riding style. any one can ride with almost any seat height.

you probably can get a seat post at but your bike shop might have it. just ask if they have a unicycle seat post.