Seat post size

Hi. I’m going to purchase a Nimbus 20" trials unicycle but I’m not totally sure what seat post size I should get. Right now I have a Schwinn unicycle with a 250" seat post. My inseam measurement is 33". Should I go with the 200 mm or 300 mm for trials?


Get 300 mm and the cut it to exactly the length you want. :slight_smile:

OK will do. Thanks!

250 inches!?!?!?!?!?!? lol jk :stuck_out_tongue:

but uh…my inseam is 34" and even 300mm isn’t enough. i gotta get a 400mm, and although i can ride with an uncut 400mm, i cut it down just a bit, cause i don’t like my saddle at that height

I’d say to get the 300 because if you get the 200 it might be toooo short.

and the seatpost should go down at least 2 inches into the frame

Or just get the 400 and cut it to how you want it.

Thanks for the advice. I just ordered it and got the 300 mm seatpost. Can’t wait to get it!

I am size 30 and the 300mm seatpost is too short for me on my Nimbus II. I still use it but I had to pull it out about half an inch beyond where it says the maximum length should be.

Keep in mind that there is about 3"-5" added to the inseam length by the foot/shoes.

I wish UDC would list the maximum inseam length as well as the minimum…

I always get the longest I can get, if it’s too long you cut it, and it wont be too short because it’s the longest possible!:slight_smile: