Seat post problem

Hey all you kids out there.

I just broke my GB4 seat post. I love that seat post. But they do not make them anymore.

I would like to know if anyone out there has one they could part with.

If not that then, What other seat posts are really good?

I have a standard Bedford fork but i don’t know what the hole size is. Any one know?

And lastly I am a welder. So i could just fix it my self but i have forgotten what those posts are made out of. Aluminum, steel, chromoly? :thinking:

If anyone has answers to any of these questions that would really help me get my uni going again.


Bedford unis use a 22.2mm post, I believe.

They aren’t really available at bike shops(In my experience) because bikes all use larger posts.

Bedford can set you up with steel, aluminum, or a carbon fiber seat post of this size. (I find the aluminum one he sent me to be great)

Hope this helps.


Yup looks like your frame’s ID will be 22.2mm, as the GB4 post has a 22.2mm OD:

If the plate has not broken then it is possible to repair it by cutting off the plate and rewelding it onto a tube of 22.2mm OD. This tube could either be a standard unicycle seatpost with its plate cut off, or better yet is to get a BMX ‘candlewick’ seatpost in 22.2mm OD. These are a length of 22.2mm diameter tube which some older style BMXs used as their seatposts. Ask your local bike shop for one [the ones I’ve bought cost me about USD8 or NZD10]. I’ve repaired several 22.2mm seatposts in this manner.