Seat Post mangled-Seat screw broke-Help.

Hey guys.

Today I was riding, doing some crankflips down 3 pallets. I landed on the handle once or twice. Then later today, I went to a skate park, and I noticed this.

When I got home, I went to examine my seat post and found it like this. Poor thing:(

The suckish part was when I was trying to take it off. It bent in a way that made it impossible to get the seat out. Finally I got it off, but the bolt took a piece of the screw with it.

My question is…

  1. Which seatpost fits the nimbus frame. The KH forged will, right?
  2. Can I take off the foam of my seat, and get a new screw in?



  1. I would think the 25.2 post would.
  2. Yes.

You mean 25.4, right?

Yup it is pretty easy to take the seat apart and replace the bolt.

I would order a new seatpost anything with 25.4mm diameter should fit.

In the mean time take a hammer and bend the top of the post back into shape, keep the bent side to the back and go ride. the post won’t be as strong as before but unless it cracks it should be safe.

Could you explain that more.

I’m sorry. I can’t quite picture what your saying.

Also, should I make the top completely flat? What shape?

Yah, I couldn’t remember what size seatpost those Nimbus 2 frames have.

Get a cromo.


Ive been doing it to my seat for a year now. The metal wont just snap, and some how the plastic will bend to a 90* angle and not snap, but im riding the thing until it does before I upgrade.