Seat post length

Hello, I’m new here and I have a question about seat posts, but first I’ll introduce myself. I’m Rockey, and I’ve been unicycling for about 2 months. I learned how to ride in my gym class, and I was hooked. I got a Schwinn 24 inch about a month ago, and have been riding a lot despite the cold weather (I live in Illinois). I think I’m about up to level 3, since I can jump mount, roll mount, hop up curbs, etc. I’m working on idling and riding backwards right now.
Anyways, my question is if I stand 5’11 to 6 feet, should I get a 400 mm seat post? I bought my Schwinn at a bike shop and I’m pretty sure it has a 300 mm post which fits me fine on the highest setting. However, I’m letting a lot of other people, like my dad, who are over 6 feet use my uni. And I want to know if I get a 400 mm seat post will it fit someone a little under 6 feet? Or is the lowest setting for someone 6 feet?

Seat post length

Welcome, Rockey!

Traditional Schwinn seatposts are 8 1/2"/220mm or 14"/350mm. The 300 & 400 Semcycle posts also work so first you need to confirm what you have.

I am 5’10" with a 32" inseam. I found the 8 1/2 post too short and do most of my riding with the 14" at the lowest setting. The 14" should work fine for inseams from 32 - 36.

They are all at

Here’s the next 1000 words…

uni012503 002.jpg


I have a Semcycle Deluxe 20" and I have the 300 and 400 mm seat posts.

People are of different proportions – for example, UniBrier said he is 5’ 10" with a 32" inseam. I am taller at 6’ 0" but I also have a 32" inseam.

So, it depends on the person…

But on a more helpful note, regarding Semcycle seat posts, the lowest setting of the 400mm seat post is the SAME HEIGHT as the highest setting on the 300mm seat post. So, if you do currently have the 300, you can put it at its highest setting – that will be the starting point for the 400. Use what you have now as a gauge.

Hope that is of some help. If you have or are getting the Schwinn seat posts (250mm and 350mm), I don’t know if they also overlap by one setting. Anyway, sounds like you should get the bigger seat post. You can always swap them back and forth. It only takes a few minutes. But you will probably fit using the lowest setting of the 400. But again, my experience is only with the Sem Deluxe seat posts, not the Schwinn. Double-check which one you have first. Sorry to ramble.

uni57 (Dave)

Here is a picture which is a comparison of the 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm Semcycle Deluxe seat posts. The highest setting of each one matches the lowest setting of the next larger size.

uni57 (Dave)
(who is going to put his unicycle back together now…)