Seat post (kh08 or pit fighter)

Hi, Im Samuel.

Last week, I broke my Pit Fighter(1) and I would want to know if I should buy a new pit fighter or a kh08’s seat post. On the pit fighter, the guys give me 25% of the price. Thanks.

Samuel L.

Why do you get a discount?

because he busted his first pit fighter. If I remember correctly they have a lifetime warranty or something and so if you break one you get a discount on a new one.

My warranty is finish because I got it more than 1 year ago.

I dont know the reason of this account :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, according to you the kh08 is better so… I will probably get this one and Émile said that the best was to bought it from Darren. (Told me if he is wrong, but this would be surpising ;)) Thanks everyone.