Seat post injury

Actually, it was an injury to the seatpost itself…sorry to mislead you. :slight_smile:

I was teaching one of the kids at club tonight to hop and suddenly my seat handle (Miyata) pulled up very easily. Here’s a picture what happened. Upon inspection, it didn’t break along the main weld but did seem to start at the spot weld on the top of the post (as shown). Once it started, it just ripped through the diameter of the post. I had an extra post in my toolbox so I was able to change it out and continue riding the rest of the night.

Another thing we noticed though, the broken seat post seems to have been factory TIG welded but the replacement post that I installed was stick welded. Not sure why the difference.

I guess we’ll just chalk another broken part up to experience.



Re: Seat post injury

I saw that title, saw that there was a pic attached, and was very reluctant to click on this thread. :astonished:

Glad no one was hurt.