seat post height?

My Torker DX post was waayyyyy too tall when I bought it.

I’m 5’11" and I hacksawed it a couple inches but I still can’t find a picture perfect height. I’ve noticed that other unicycles seem lower, but I have fairly tall legs.

Any trick of finding the perfect trials post length?

I have mine just over my crotch.

danni, why is your unicycle over your crotch?

i wrote this two seconds before finding your thread

Shifty eyes
The unicycle on the ground, in a straight position, is just over my crotch. Maybe everyone else should be riding with their seat near their crotch?

If you wanna ride seat in trials you have it pretty low, if you wanna ride SIF (seat in front) trials you wanna have the seat, as Danni said, slightly above crotch level. Try and learn SIF trials first and if you don’t like that style you can cut it down even lower to seat in trials.

wow, that is almost like what i just said…

Here is something you can try and it works…
Measure your inseam and set the height of the seat to your actual inseam. Measure from the bottom of the crank to the middle of the seat, not the top. That would be an ideal position to ride long distance. If you don’t feel comfortable, you sure have a good starting point.

For trials start lowering from this height until it feels confortable!

No, you just quoted someone. And in addition to what I said, I also gave him advice on what to do with his post for now.

is this with you standing up?

Check the post dates dude.

It’s not outdated information, so post dates don’t really matter since the user he’s asking is still active.