seat post extension

I have a 20-inch Standard Miyata but i am at the point the seat post is too short. Is there a place I can buy a extension. If not is there an alternative?

Hello Hiedi

Take a look in this thread for pics of my seatpost extention.

Save the photos to your computer to show whom you have doing the build.
This might not work exactly for your seat post type, but the application is the same… basically , just slide a pipe over or inside your current post, then drill holes to secure it, and cut a slit in the end for crimping while tightening the bolts.

Check this site for a seatpost extenstion.

If the post you have now is shorter then normal (ie. it was cut) you may want to get a new post.

I like this one:

Didn’t you read the info on this link before you posted it…?
(Out of Stock Indefinitely <---- correct spelling)

hehe …

Bedford Unicycles has a box full of Miyata seat post extensions if you need one.
These are the original ones that came with Miyata