Seat Post Destroyer...

I have broken three seat posts whilst doing/attempting double flips. Basically I want a seat post that will NOT break when I do two handed flips because I think I can triple. I used to use the Try-All Reinforced and man I can snap them like twigs. Money is not so much an issue but I just need some help picking out a seat post that will NOT break when doing two handed flips. Also the seat post needs to be compatible with a Black Domina frame (I think all seat posts are but what ever). Please leave suggestions or links.

Thanks a lot!

KH08 post is the best one out there for your money. Next up is a Wallis-Thomson set up, but I’m assuming you would not like to spend over $200 on this…

i use a nimbus cromo with two custom triangles welded on the sides. it works great for me. except now the seat bases are bending. need to upgrade to CF.

Cromo post? Strongest, can be repaired over and over.

if money is not so much an issue, find a place that deals with titanium, measure your seatpost, order that much of the right size pipe and see if the place has a scrap that will work for the top, and have them weld it up…

if you keep breaking aluminum posts… get a crmo… that’s a no brainer.

edit: oh, how do you manage to break a seatpost but not a seat… i broke my KH seat the first day, but it took a few months to break the seatpost.

First off, stop doing two handed flips.

Secondly, I dont know if you realized it, but if you get a post that “will not break” the part that will break is your Domina frame. Whats cheaper?

However you can get a CrMO post and it will last much longer than an aluminum one. Which has been said above.

Wow, I can’t really imagine breaking a seat post. I did have a BMX whose seat post was bending backwards, so I jammed a foot+ of 1/2 inch re-bar up the post. That solved the problem.

Maybe that doesn’t help you…especially if you’re concerned about weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the weight difference between aluminum and cromo noticable? Or is it pretty much negligible?

i think there’s a pretty good difference, but its one of those things that if you break alu… you need the crmo, or it’s just gonna break again and cost you more $$

thanks ill just hit up a cromo then or maybe a KH

idk maybe its because i ride a koxx but really the reinforced posts are easy to break. my seat is fine.

The new forged KH post looks much stronger. I’ve got both. The kh is definately lighter. Im going to use the cromo for the 20 and the forged for the 24 muni.