Seat post depth in frame

Does anyone have an idea of the minimum distance the seat post must be inserted into the frame for muni? Got an old seat post I’m trying to re-purpose and it goes in about 4 to 5 cm (about 2 inches).

At least 1 cm below the slot in the frame is my rule of thumb. (Doesn’t change with the type of unicycle.)

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You want enough post below the clamped section such that the compression force does not extend to the end of the post and deform it.

I would suggest this is something like the diameter of the post below the bottom of the clamp.

Thanks, looks like I’m about 1-2 cm short of what is safe. I’ll like to try my Fusion 1 saddle on the new Mad4One, but the seat post is from my 36" hence it’s short. Maybe a quick test with the saddle set low and if it feels promising then just I’ll buy another seat post.