seat post clamp

I’ve been unicycle for a while now, and have been doing mainly mountain uni, and “street”. But the problem is whenever I fall off my unicycle or do a drop on it my seat twists so it is not straight. I’m using the standard seat post clam that came with my unicycle (Norco 20”), and it is as tight as it goes. It’s so tight its digging into my seat post, denting it, but whenever I fall my seat turns away from where it should be. Should I get a new seat post clamp or is there some thing I can do to stop my seat from moving when I fall?


I had the same problem. I spent $12 on a new seatpost clamp and my seatpost hasn’t moved once.

you need one of these right now!

I’d get one from bedford, because his clamps have 3 bolts.

Get one of these and your seat will move when YOU want it to

I got my primo viking last night. I haven’t grinded down the welding holding on the old clamp, but when I do I will most likely be satisfied.

would a quick release seat post clamp work?
this is what i have now.


If my experience is any reference, quick realease will one day, in a very unceremonious and majestical way, stop working. it worked for about a month and then just stopped. Now I need to adjust my seat everytime I fall and turn the uni with me.

From my limited experience, the best solution is to buy another seat post and cut it so at your preferred heigth, the seat post is bottomed out in the seat post tube welded to the top of the frame. That way the post clamp has only to hold for lateral torque, which isn’t nearly that of the vertical, shock-loading force during drops.

Second, the quality of quick-release clamps varries a ton. I have a (Specialized, I think) quick release clamp on my trials uni that has never once budged in three months of moderate hopping and jumping.


Yeah, I should have specified. My quick-release was on a Torker CX. That probably has something to do with it.

i don’t understand, if my seat post is welded onto the frame why do i need a seat post clamp?

I meant the seat post tube that contains your actual seat post–that round unit that’s part of the uni into which your seat post fits.