Seat post clamp recommendations

I have a nimbus 29 muni and the rubber insert on one of the quick release clamps fell apart during my last ride so the seat starts to twist now and without the insert is hard to tighten (pic below).

Anyone have recommendations on replacement seat post clamps, especially for muni? Would the nimbus double bolt be a better option? I don’t need a quick release since I rarely adjust seat position.

Any of the double bolt, non quick release types should be fine.

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The ones with threaded steel inserts that rotate when the clamp is tightened (steel bolt into steel threads) preventing cross-threaded bolts are also much stronger than the ones where the steel bolt threads into the aluminum clamp (steel into aluminum). I’ve had the latter “strip” where the aluminum threads simply could not withstand the force. But perhaps I over tightened it or didn’t tighten both bolts evenly. Anyway, get the kind with threaded steel inserts and you won’t have a problem.