Seat Post Clamp for 05 KH

I want to update the seat post clamp on my 05 KH Freeride. The existing seat post clamp is 31.5mm and it doesn’t seem to be a common size. Will a
31.8mm clamp keep the post tight enough. There is a huge selection of 31.8mm seatposts and it doesn’t seem like it should make a huge difference. Thanks for the input.

whats wrong with the stock one? although its small it seems good enough. Mine has held up, although i do know someone (trials2k on these forums) who stripped his. he replaced it with pretty much the same item though.



I stripped my one 2, it’s a crappy post clamp.
I bought a bicycle 31.8mm clamp and it work even better because it’s quick relaese:D

seat clamp KH Freeride

The seat clamp is undersized for the KH Freeride. I couldn’t get it tight enough to keep the seat from twisting after a hard fall. I replaced my with a salsa quick release. The stock seat post is crap, mine came apart after only one month of hard use, i replaced it with a thomson and a carbon fiber seat base, which is an awesome combo. I also knurled the seat post on a lathe where it goes in the uni, i’ve had no problem with seat twist since.

guys, if its twisting just go find so dirt and rub it on your seat post. this causes more friction and it solves your problem