Seat post Badness

well, I just realized today that I have killed my seatpost. That’s not cool. The weird thing is, it seems to have died by being bent upwards! Crazyness, no? Should I stop hopping? (lol. no.) Anyway, as my brother killed his recently by bending it downwards, I have come to the conclusion that these seatposts are not the best, and that they seem to die quite easily. These are generic seatposts to fit the KH bolt pattern, by the way.

I have recently been informed that has a newer version seatpost that is much stronger. so, the verdict is: get one of those. the old ones are not good.

How can you tell it was bent upwards?
do you have any pictures?

seat post broken up. Thats Brian MacKenzie’s muni I broke.

AAhh!!:slight_smile: That kind of upwards.

Seatpost broken downwards: