seat positioning

OK, I currently have a KH Fusion Freeride on my 29er. I changed it out from the KH saddle that was on there (not sure as I got it in a trade). Anywho, both seats numb me out at around 6 miles, give or take. I have the seat pushed as far forward as it will go, but with a T7 handle, there isn’t much play forward or back. My angle of the seat is straight in the back, with it angled up in the front slightly. Should I angle the seat into a U-type shape, or get a new seat? This is the second seat this is happening to. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciative as I would love to get further in my distances comfortably.


Try not sliding the seat all the way forward, try around the middle of the rail adapter and bring an allen wrench with you on rides so you can make changes in both angle and rail position

This man speaks truth. Seats are fiddly things - you’ve got to get all the settings right by experimenting (this is made incredibly easier by having tools with you on a ride… too far forward? too tilted? not enough tilt? change it!).

Try every angle of the seat to find what works best. The T7 (or any handle I guess) is wonderful because you can even have it angled down and still be able to hold yourself in place by using the handlebars :slight_smile:

I keep my freeride/t7 combo in about the middle of the rail and have it more or less level. This part of the seat fits my physiology quite well I find. I’ve done 80-90km days (with bike shorts) and had no saddle soreness with this setup.

Also keep in mind that while you can sit on a seat for 20 miles, you will go numb. It’s a good rule to take a break at least every hour to rest for a bit and let blood flow. Hilly routes also will take some pressure off that area since you’ll be putting more pressure into the pedals.

Also try having your seat a bit lower so you can stand up and pedal for a few revolutions (or 30 seconds or so) to keep circulation going if you’re not ready for a brake.

Hope this helps!

Alright, thanks for the advice. When i head out tomorrow, I will be sure to take some tools with me to see if i can find that perfect spot. I will let you know how it turns out.

yeah, I’m going to sound repetitive at first but taking tools helps, i’ve adjusted my seat about 6 times on some of my longer routes, another thing that helps is learning how to keep your pace comfortably while standing, I can go a few miles while standing and get circulation going again I’ve done 5 hours non-stop because I learned how to ride standing up while keeping pace(I had a time limit I needed to be under) I think that getting off the uni to regain circulation actually makes it hard to go again because your legs have time to realize they’re fatigued, anyway that’s my two cents hope it helped.

I will try that as well, Duct. I stand up to adjust and try to get a better feel on the seat, but when i’m out tomorrow, I will see how long I can stand and ride. Hopefully I don’t bite it when I try, but knowing my luck…