Seat positioning? Recommend a new seat?

Hello everyone,

My friend recently gave me his cheap 24’’ gravity brand unicycle that he bought awhile ago but gave up trying to learn to ride. It took me about 7 hours of practice but I am finally able to ride it for extended periods of time before falling. I absolutely love it, but I am concerned about the amount of pressure that the seat puts on the veins in the soft area underneath of us guys.

Here is a picture of the seat moved as far forward as possible:

Is this just a bad seat? Because of the bowl shape I am forced to put almost all of my weight on the middle of the seat which crushes the soft area under me, and not on the part that you can comfortably sit on without feeling like youre crushing important veins. I would like to order a new seat (probably from I’m guessing?) that can adjust much farther forward so that I can put almost all of my weight on the part you can comfortably sit on. This looks exactly like the shape/angle of seat I think I would want:

And this is a picture of the seatpost/ saddle attachment on my unicycle:

The post measures 22.2mm. Is this a standard post/saddle connection that all seats will fit, or do I need something specific?

Could anyone recommend a seat that I would be able to adjust far enough forwards so that I can sit on a relatively flat surface? Nothing fancy right now, I plan to buy my own decent unicycle sometime this summer, but for now I just want to make sure that this is something I am committed to, which I can’t figure out when all I’m worried about is being able to have a family later in life!

Thanks for any help! I am really glad to have found such a big community online.

haha, i learned on the EXACT same uni, and I still have it. same saddle as well so i feel your pain. its not just you, that saddle is just a failure. i occasionally ride the learner cycle and the saddle is unbearable compared to my new ones. even with bike shorts.

the fusion freeride is great saddle for distance.

but honestly, i prefer the fusion street for both trials and distance. the freeride is comfortable to me, but the street is even better. i think the freeride is not firm enough for me. but they are both pretty flat.

but id say stick with the kh saddles. you have to try both of them out for yourself though, because no 2 unicyclists like the same saddles.

Any of the KH Velo compatible saddles will fit ‘straight out of the box’ - Kris Holm, Nimbus, QuAx… if you go for a basic saddle with a front handle that should suit your purposes just fine.

In the unlikely situation of the better quality saddle not making enough of a difference for you, try a bike seatpost with KH Rail Adaptor - you’ll be able to tilt the seat to whatever angle you require.

If you’re still not sure, call and they’ll talk you through your options.

Enjoy the riding!

Your options for moving the seat forward are very limited without a rail style adaptor. The seat your looking at however (KH Fushion freeride {pre 2009}) will be considerably more comfortable than what you are presently using and will fit on the seat post that you have.

When I rode my very uncomfortable Torker to work I had a lot of pain from the seat (and I don’t even have the dangly stuff you have issues with). Knowing I would have to ride 6 miles home that day, I took an Exacto knife and cut a slit down the middle of the seat and used pliers to pull out the foam from the center area. Then I covered the slit seat cover with duct tape. It was sort of drastic, but it helped a lot. I’m ordering the air saddle from UCD for my other Torker seat. I really like the KH Fusion Free Ride saddle but it doesn’t fit the Torker lx. I thought about getting a new seat post but apparently they only work for the Torker cx.

As long as you get a 25.4 inch diameter seatpost then it’ll work fine. I have an LX and have used different seatposts in it before.

Thanks. I wonder why they specify the CX only?

I think I can see where your confusion is coming from since UDC advertises that the Nimbus CrMO seat post is only compatible with the CX Torker model, when in fact it is not compatible with that model at all. Any 25.4 inch seat post will fit an LX no problem.

Unless Torker have changed the LX saddle recently, the the bolts on the LX saddle have a different spacing from normal unicycle saddles and will not fit on standard seat posts.


Yeah, that’s why you get a new saddle that doesn’t suck.

Back on topic:

The Torker LX and AX have a seat/seatpost with a Miyata mount.
The Torker CX and DX have a seat/seatpost with a standard 4 bolt Schwinn mount (same as KH).

If your plan is to get a KH Fusion Freeride, and pair it with a new seatpost that matches your seat tube diameter, then it will work. The point is that if you want to install a KH seat you will need to replace your seatpost with a standard 4 bolt seatpost

The KH seat will not fit on your original seatpost.

Thank you. I was planning to change seat and post. I was just confused that UDC said that their seat posts fit the CX model and didn’t mention LX. So now I can order a seat and post with confidence.