Seat position

I was wondering how most of you position your seat. I have seen some with the seat relatively flat and some of you ride with front of the seat raised up. What position are most of you MUni riders using? Why/benefits? Looking forward to hearing from you trial guys too.

I cant find out how to adjust my angle…

Saddle Position

It all depends upon what kind of saddle you have.

With the old KH Muni saddles and the Street/Trials saddle you can’t play with the angle. It is determined by the seatpost that has only one setting.

With the new KH Fusion Freeride 2007 Muni seat I like to have the nose or front much higher than the rear. This keeps the handle up higher Allowing more comfort when hopping and also keeping the saddle between your legs.


both are comfortable
i have been riding gb4’s (raised in front) for a year and a half and prefer it to flat. though i dont mind flat, i find raised more comfortable

I have like 5 washers under the front bolts on my seat.

The more I tilt it back, the more comfortable it is for me.

Ideally, I would have a more flat seat, but I don’t feel like buying a new seat.

Tilting the seat up forces your weight to be on the wider rear portion of the seat. The load is on your anatomy more in the rear that way.

A rail adaptor and matching seatpost are definitely the way to go. You’ll be able to try different positions. I weld up my own adaptors. Whenever I get on another unicycle without the seat tilted up its a struggle to ride.

Get set up with a rail adaptor and write back.

I got a rail adapter on the uni I just bought. THat is why I am asking. I am used to just ridding miles and now i want to try light xc with controlled hopping over things. I was just wondering what the general train of thought was and why before I start trying seat positions.