seat position

When riding your muni how high or low do you prefer your seat to be?

Only a guess, but maybe about 3-4" lower than a road cycling height…maybe more.


I have a quick release seatpost clamp on my muni and will sometimes adjust the seat height based on terrain and riding. If I’m going to be climbing a logging or other access road to get to a trail I’ll sometimes raise the seat a bit to make pedaling more efficient while climbing. If I’m on a downhill singletrack trails with rocks and roots and bumps and drops and stuff I’ll lower the seat a bit. For other trails it tends to be somewhere in between. The difference between the high seat for climbing and the low seat for downhill muni is no more than 1.5 cm for me. Not a huge amount of change, but it is very noticeable.

A lot of the time I just leave the seat at the middle position and don’t bother with changing the seat height for the climbing or the trail. I just ride.

I’ve got a line scribed on my seatpost so I know where my preferred seat height is. From there I can adjust up or down a little bit to tweak the height.

Experiment with seat height to find what works for you. You want the seat high enough that you can pedal efficiently but low enough that you can levitate off the saddle to absorb bumps. If you like jumping you may want the seat a bit lower to get a little extra jump height.

Be kind to your knees. Sitting on the seat and climbing with the seat really low is hard on the knees. If you’re concerned about knee problems you’ll want to keep the seat higher for extended climbs and extended periods of hard pedaling.

Just keep riding and raising/lowering the seat until you stop adjusting it. That will probably be the correct height for you.

I used to have my seat way too high, then too low, then got it perfect at 31 1/2" (from axle to top of seat). I got happy with it there (knees did not get tired, still able to do trials and muni) so I welded it in place.