Seat out

What are some tips for jumping seat-out? I can do like 16" but i can’t seem to get the right timing for my prehop…any pointers?

Edit: oh and what might help is to give me a detailed description of the way you jump.

To: Eublapharis,

 When I was learning seat hops I too had a problem with timing the pre-hop.  What I just do, is I back up about 1ft 1/2 away from the object. Then I still stand for a couple of seconds after that I do my pre-hop in twards the object about 1/2 foot. Right as I hit the ground on my pre-hop, I launch myself upwards.

For the actual hopping part :smiley:

After the pre-hop, I jump into the air leaning forward holding the seat out further than normal, I suck up my knees as far as I can, and than land.

I am not that strong and I can do 26 inches ( 65 cm)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Wow! a 6" prehop?! That’s tiny, for 20" mine are over 3’. I use the same technique as Sabin a. except I start out about 4’ from the object, and prehop about 3’ to the object. The long sidehop makes it so all your energy goes into the up on the actual hop, and the prehop moves you to the side. I can only hop about 21", although I landed a 27" hop yesterday. It was a fluke, but really fun. It was offroad, on a trail I used to do alot, and I found this spot with a bunch of rocks. It had a 27" drop, and a dirt landing. I tried to pedalgrab it, but I was only catching the outer inch of my pedal because of the shape of the rock. Then, I tried to jump farther up on it so I could crankgrab it. I didn’t land it, but I saw my tire scrub mark was only about 2" from the top of the jump. So, after about 5 more attempts at just going rubber to rubber, I landed it.:smiley: Now my left pedal bearings are really loose:( , but at least I landed it. I need to practice of-canted crankgrabs more, now. Back to the point, you should just prtactice, and things will work. Also, the prehop for seat out is essinally the same as seat in. I also wasn’t very good seat out for a while, but then I just practiced it diligently, and I got comfortable with it.

P.S. I also landed a 21" hop today without a prehop:) . That was also a fluke.

Edit: I after a little bit of looking at some photos, that jump may have been a bit closer to 25 or 26". Still, I’m happy.

Nice work gerblefranklin :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to practice hopping that much, because it’s been raining here in Washington for about 4 days.