Seat out trials

I just got a Trials Uni and am finding it difficult to ride with the seat out. I know things will come with practice but would an Ultimate Wheel help any? It seems like if you could go for a while on a UW then seat out riding and hopping would be easier.
The seat is set pretty low and I feel my legs burning quickly if I ride for any distance but can’t imagine raising it much more and being able to jump around like I aspire to.
I’m just thinking out loud here and didn’t find anything on the search.

It just feels really hard at first, kind of like everything new you try on a uni.

The best piece of advice I’ve found was to practice riding really slow while seat out. After a couple of days of practice you’ll be doing much better.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something that you want to do. Ultimate wheel comes after learning to ride seat out. I can’t ride an ultimate wheel but i’m really good at riding seat out and can seat push for along time. Just keep practicing it, hopping around seat out etc

A couple of things that helped me learn were to keep the back of the seat touching my thighs, and to imagine you’re sitting on a seat behind the real seat, if that makes sense.

You are not alone. I have been working on this lately, too. I don’t practice as much as I should, but it is getting a little easier. If you think the riding seems sketchy, wait until you try seat out hopping. It feels even more unstable to me.

I finally got to the point where I can seat out hop over a curb yesterday. It really makes you appreciate watching people like padst3r hop up 7 or more pallets and then ride off. At my height and age, I don’t ever expect to get to that point, but maybe I’ll be able to hop up on a park bench or picnic table some day! This sport never gets dull, because there is always a new challenge you can come up with for yourself.

As you can see in the vid, I don’t have any “tuck” yet, but I’m just working on stability for now. After I get more stable, I might try a pre-hop.

Ya I tried seat out hopping and landed with my left inner thigh on the corner of the seat. I can tell I’ll have that battle wound for a while.
You gotta love it. practice, practice, practice, etc… then "almost’ get it. haha. Right now, I just get so tired with the seat out and low its crazy!
Pretty sweet mount on the video by the way.

Saddly sif jumps are like the strangest feeling things I can think of. It is, however, extremely rewarding. I would say try some seat heights. I never thought I’d be able to have my seat higher than I used to have it, but tried anyway. It got me like 10cm higher than I was getting. People like Max, Mike and Aidan keep their seats REALLY high and they are the top of the top. As for getting the hang of it, the thing is you need to build your muscles and muscle memory for it so the only answer is practice. I hate hearing that too, but it really is. There is no magic formula to get it right away. :confused: Also don’t say you won’t get super high! It is as possible as you believe it is. Practice and keep at it! I look forward to you future riding!

Just so you know, mines not that high cause i still ride alot of seat in

I can ride SIF and an ultimate wheel and I agree that learning to ride the ultimate wheel would naturally come after learning SIF. I would recommend while you’re learning that you keep the handle close to your body (vs. away) and really tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your upper body stiff. Also, hold one arm out for balance. With practice you’ll get it!

Oh my bad. :slight_smile: Okay so not Mike but quite a few.