Seat out Torker LX trouble

I have a modified Torker LX saddle. I noticed that when I grab the back of the saddle to do seat out hops, it can hurt (due to the deep sidewall). It’s like trying to lift the unicycle with the edge of a plastic knife pressing in my hand.

I am thinking about trying to modify the wall - but I figured I’d post and ask if anyone else has dealt with this problem.


You can use vinyl tubing to round off the underside edge of the saddle and make it more comfortable to grab. I have a picture of the vinyl tubing fix in my Airseat gallery. It’s the small diameter type of vinyl tubing used for refrigerator ice makers and such.

If you’re using the stock seat cover there is not going to be a lot of room fit the vinyl tubing in there and still be able to clip the seat cover in place. You may have to get creative. Using the smallest diameter tubing that you can will help. If you’re using a KH or Roach seat cover then it’s very easy to fit the tubing in there.

An alternative would be to build up a rounder edge by using many layers of hockey tape or duct tape.