seat out riding

I’m having a hard time learning to ride with the seat out. Any tips? I think my problem is keeping my weight even on the pedals… i’m finding that i’m always falling in the direction of whichever pedal is going down. I can hop (sort of) with the seat out, it’s just riding that’s the hard part.
Should I just get really really good at riding with my stomach on the seat before i try seat out? I can do the stomach on the seat thing, just not well.

Start by lowering the seat slightly, then slip it out as you are riding. Keep it fairly close to your body. At first, it takes a lot of strength in the arm to use the seat as a lever to stop the wheel wobbling from side to side. Eventually, it gets better. Seat out in front is one of my few freestyle skills, so it must be fairly easy.

Good luck.

I learnt it by beginning with the seat out and holding onto a wall and then letting go and seeing how far I could get. Try keeping the seat close and concentrate on keeping the momentum going fast enough, it just takes practice.


Getting better at the stomach on seat won’t hurt. My progression was to first learn how to ride stomach on seat with both arms outstretched (like an airplane) before I moved on to trying seat out front.

When doing seat out front hold the back of the seat firmly (with force) against your thighs. That will help stabilize things. As you get better you’ll be able to move the seat away from your thighs.

Eventually you’ll get to the point where you can hold the seat further out front and with less and less grip with your hand. I’ve seen some of the good freestyle riders holding the seat with their arm outstretched and using only their index finger and maybe their thumb to hold the seat.

I find it easier to hold the back of my Miyata saddle with one hand and use the other for balance. Having both hands on the saddle leaves non to flail elegantly to maintain balance. Keep the seat as close to your body as possible, perhaps using your legs a little to prevent it from jerking. Maybe if you think about pulling the seat up with your hand instead of holding it limply and only stopping the jerking. After a day or two I could ride pretty well. Now I can ride around and turn some. Idling is tough and going backwards is crazy. :slight_smile:

PS I think I practiced mounting seat out. Use the rolling mount not the kickback. ie rear pedal horizontal and step onto the forward pedal.

Here’s another tip: Think of working your feet with each other in a smooth way.

i agree with rayden. key for me was one hand on the seat the other for balance. also important was trying to stay upright without bending forward. i offer this as someone who just recently klicked into how to do it because of taking one hand off. now i can seat out ride at will.

any tips for wheel walking? that has not clicked yet.


You’re trying too hard to learn it. Just don’t bother. Practice seat out hopping. That’s what I did. Then one day I randomly tried to ride seat out and could. I could also idle, without having practiced it. After gaining control over your seat out hops, you will realize that seat out isn’t that much different than normal and you’ll be able to do it.

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i guess i must be weird cause none of you learned the way i did…but i just started by riding standing up with the seat between my legs then i decided i would try it with the seat out and it only took me about a half hour till i could go about 100 ft or so with the seat out front, just keep practicing…

(ps for the guy with the bubs avatar…homestar is the best!)

Yeah. Shut up kid!

im still trying to get wheel wlaking to click, but i found that attempting it barefoot really helped to get a feel for the control you have over the wheel, it feels really odd becuae of the amount of control you have, go real slow and find your balance…

(i also removed any other means of powering my uni, so i have no choice but to learn)

I guess I have a few techniques to try out now, one of them has gotta work!

You took your pedals off to learn to wheel walk?