seat-out problem....

hey everybody this is Heavypedalist, i’ve been unicycling for three months and im a noob

so whenev i try to hop seat-out i keep turning in circles… im learning how to 180 unispin (like i said, im a noob) and i need suggestions as to how i can hop seat out easier and how i can fix my habit of hoppin in circles…help! :thinking:

On purpose, hop in circles in the opposite direction. After you’ve done this for a bit you’ll be able to detect what’s making you drift the other way.

thanks! i’ll give that a try

I used to do this ALL the time, it really got on my nerves :stuck_out_tongue:
Just do what john suggested, and also practise just riding with the seat in front too, this will help you get your pedal pressure more even, lessening the turning! :slight_smile:

yea, become really good at riding sif. learn turns and even learning to idle sif helps (although i never actually idle sif now…)

thank you guys i’ll try this out as soon as i get my sixsixone shin/ankle pads today!! and real quick i was wondering what a good psi is for the tire? i have a maxxis 20’’ trials tire and the wall isn’t that tall so whenev i jump to the side it feels like the tire slips out a little. maybe my psi is too low? 35-50 psi is the recommended pressure and i set it to 40 psi. im about 160 lbs if that makes a difference

would a lower psi help me jump higher?

40 PSI and slipping out easily doesn’t sound right, probably your guage is out! :slight_smile:
Just pump it up as much as possible, then let air out gradually and find what works for you best! :smiley: