Seat out or seat in?

I tried a 7 foot drop and i did it seat out. I didn’t land it. I do seat in most of the time since it’s easier, but i was afraid the impact would make my knees buckle and cause me to ball myself on the seat. Next time should i just do it seat in?

Please tell me whats better, and of course whats better for your uni.

for that high of a drop i would do SI

the problem i have found with sif drops is that if you hit at an odd angle the frame/seat flys to one side and totaly butchers your right or left knee


seat out for huge drops to flat is BAD. You need to have your seat under you, but stand on the pedals of course, and roll out of the drop right as you hit the ground to transfer your downward energy into forward energy. 'twill take stress off of the cranks and your legs.

oh, and check out for more tips.

Learn both.

Watch videos of “the greats” with your question in mind.
You’ll get better insight on what works from the film.