Seat out in front

I have been working on it for the last few days and can get resondably high on seat out in front hopping, but my major problem is that i cant land it. whenever i try to land, i land on my butt behind the uni.

any suggestions would be great. thanks


Can you ride around with seat in front? If not, practice that until you can get around fairly well. For example, if you can ride a circle or a figure 8, your seat out stability will improve. Also practice lots of small hops, like an inch high, then 2 inches etc. When you feel compfortable and ready, try hopping up and down stairs with seat out. I think this is a relatively advanced skill which you can break down into more digestable chunks. It probably won’t all happen at once.


I agree with Joe,

Get really good at seat in front riding, find the position to grab the seat comfortably and where to bring it into your leg for stability.

When you are landing your hops make sure the seat is held firmly next to your thigh, when you get better you wont need this so much. Pratice small and work yourself up to big stuff.

My other sugestion is dont expect to be able to seat in front hop 2 feet high when you can only get 8" with the seat in. Its much harder to hop with the seat in front and that added height comes later in the lurning curve. Get really good with seat in stuff, when you can do 15" hops up onto stuff comfertably then start thinking about praticing seat in front jumps.


Those guys are right.

A couple more useful exercises are idling seat-in-front and backwards seat-in-front. They really get you to know your feet while staying in a small area. They will help you keep your balance when your wheel is on the ground. If you do the idling with each foot down it helps eliminate favoritism, which is easy to get away with seat-under-you but not seat-in-front. The idling also helps you balance your foot pressure side-to-side, which will help with the hopping.

I’m not a great hopper in any configuration but I’ve found the above to be quite helpful.