Seat out hopping technique incorrect?

I noticed something while looking through the gallery. People that hop to there left hop with there right hand. When I do rolling hops and seat in hops I hop with my left hand jumping to my left side. I feel comfprtable with this and dont want to change this. But when I hop seat out I hop with my left to the left. Can I get as high like this or should I think about changing my style?

Thanks Brian

i am 99% sure that it makes no difference which way you do it. as i recall, jeff groves jumps right and holds with his right. a member of hell on wheel does this too. but i would say a majority are right handed (thus hold with right) and jump left (i dont know why, but that is what ive noticed too). youll be fine!


does it happen that other people switch. i prefer seat in with left hand jumping to the right. seat out however, i prefer right hand to the left.


I think you normally hop to the side opposite of the hand you’re holding. Just seems to work this way.