Seat-out Hopping Question

managed to get some of this done at the club last night and managed to do a more controlled form of hopping, jumping only when i need to correct the ‘still-stand’

how and when do u get the seat out?
do u stop in the hopping position, whip it out and start hopping?
do u ride, whip it out, stop and start hopping?

i seriously battled to get the seat out from between my thighs
even when i dropped the seat by about an inch-an-a-bit

thoughts, suggestions, hints, allegations?

I only have the seat out when I need to. Actually I’ve also been practising with the seat out lately as well. I think it really depends on what the situation is. To get the seat out, I stand up pretty height on the pedals, widen my legs a bit and pull it out. It is often awkward to get out but I think it’s just practice. If you practice your still-stands, like you’re obviously doing, then gettign the seat out will be easier and easier as time goes on. Another fun thing to try is, when you’re trying to mount the unicycle, you can hold it in front with the pedals horizontal and your feet on the ground, then jump onto the pedals and go straight into hopping with the seat in front.

When I’m pulling the seat out in front after hopping with it in, this is exactly what I do. That’s why still-stands are really helpful. You can also do it the other way you mentioned and you can pull the seat out while continuously riding. I can’t do this one very well yet though.

Good luck,
Andrew Carter

Getting the seat out easily - practice, practice, practice.

I’ve been having fun lately practicing a sidemount directly into seat-in-front.

Collective GASP

(attribution: Blazing Saddles)

For the poll, I have to stop in a stillstand before pulling the seat out, then I can hop. I’m either not good enough or my body is the wrong shape to pull the seat out that quickly on the fly.


Sorry guys

Sorry, I’ve tried but I can’t help but comment on the rediculous inuendo going on here. Stop, whip it ouit and start hopping?
Whip it out on the fly? oooh man.
Sam Murray
“not helping. just laughing”

u know!!
u try n have a serious unicycling discussion!
am i on the wrong forum or something?!?


Gild. I come to a still stand, pull the seat out with my left hand, and grab the side of the seat with my right hand. I hop seat in with my left hand, and seat out with my right, so this works well for me. Push the seat against your thigh and rock on. Seat out is really unstable at first, but with practice becomes easy. I prefer it to seat in hopping for getting up onto things and pedal grabbing.


I pull the seat out whenever. Lowering your seat helps to do this also lotts of pratice with the seat in front. Its almost second nature for me pulling the seat out now… It was easier to do it from a standstill originally though.