Seat out hopping, ahem.. jumping

I too have been working on my endeavors of seat out in front hopping or “jumping” as you may call it, I have had no trauma landing except for when I forget to hold onto the seat.

    The stand I am jumping over is about 15.5 inches which is about.. <consults calculator>  38.75 cm, It is fair to say that I've got at least 17 inches making it a.... 42.5 cm.  OH yeah! it's actually quite funny for when I am jumping I just think "I am pro!!" and I imagine myself without a shirt... muscles bulging.... infront of millions of fans breaking the hopping record. 
   well, I guess we will leave that to another day.

-Jonathan Ware-



That, and give another go at attaching the pictures… your current links are broken.


First off, I had the avatar first!!! and… it might take two posts…




Nice work! I’m also working on hopping with the seat out in front. I measured one of my hops to be 43cm but it’s not at all consistent and I’m not confident at hopping over things. Does hopping to the side a little (to get over the object) lose much of the height?


Re: !

That I got from a site that provides free, already made avatars


You win, I changed my avatar:(

Can anybody guess how big the gap was in my video?
Speking of videos how would i upload it on to my album?

The same way you’d upload a photo.