Seat Out help

Let me give a little update on my skills fist. I have been riding for about 4-5 months now. Whenever I am not mountain biking I am on my Stealth 20" screwing around.
So far I can hop, ride backwards a good 50 feet, idle right footed only (working on left), turn 180 on a dime. All in all I feel pretty comfortable in the saddle.

This weekend I tried hopping seat out front and riding seat out front. Man what a pain!!! So give me some pointers. I suppose I should drop the hopping and just learn to ride seat out front since hopping seat out will be easy once I can ride that way.

It feels so alien to try to ride like that, I don’t really get in a pedal stroke before I fall off. The left leg is what is really hard. I got to thinking that maybe I need to learn to idle left footed first before trying to tackle seat out riding.

So give me some practicing routines and some tips!!!


correct, learn seat out riding first

  1. ride along comfortably

  2. when you’re ready, stand up a little on the pedals and get off the saddle
    3)pull the saddle out in front of you, and immediately hold onto it with both hands

  3. your arms will be locked in a 90 degree angle with your elbows pressed into the sides of your stomache (in the front, but to the side) you’ll find the sweet spot. By locking your arms in this manner, you still keep some of the stability you had when seated
    5)Pedal…you’ll see how when one foot goes down, you’ll really have to counter the force by ‘steering’ with the seat.
    [time elapses]

  4. when you can ride like this, now see try it without locking your arms so much, or only one locked arm.

[time elapses]

  1. when you can ride with seat out with one hand, in theroy, you can jump like that. The jumps are the easy part, the landing takes quite a bit more practice.

I hardly do any freestyle skills, but I found ‘seat out in front’ fairly quick to learn.

I think it helps to have good solid ‘core skills’ like idling, reversing, riding when standing on the pedals, and so on.

Lower the seat just a little.

Ride steadily in a straight line.

Stand up and keep pedalling.

Pull the seat out from between your thighs and hold it with both hands.

In the first instance, just try ridinbg with the base of the seat very close in front of you until you get the feel for it.

It’s an easy transition to holding the seat with one hand. I find for this, it’s best to hold the rear of the seat, slightly to one side.

Idling seati in front is hard work. It’s tempting to do a very asymmetrical idle, pulling the seat hard to the right if you idle left foot down, or vice versa.

Mounting seat in front is then fairly easy. I use the static 10 past 8 mount.

I haven’t tried hopping seat out in front yet.

Good luck.

I started by grabbing onto a lamppost when I was taking the seat out, then practicing riding off from the lamppost with the seat out, before learning to take out the seat.


Accoring to the skill levels, you should learn stomach on seat first. Also, pulling the seat out and putting it back in are probably harder than the actual riding, but riding 10m might be harder than the transitions. Here is how I learned both stomach and seat out:

Find an Elementary school playground with a slope and some poles to hold on to.

Mount the uni next to one of the poles facing downhill.

Pull the seat out (and put stomach on the seat).

Try to ride.

Once you can easily go 20-30 yards, maybe work on riding and getting into the position that way. Putting it back in is harder than pulling it out.

If you have trouble with stomach on seat, ride around and bend as far forward as you can to get a sense of the weird body position required.

Once you can do seat out front, don’t wait too long before trying seat out back.

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