Seat on Side?

Does anyone have a video of the level 5 skill ‘riding with the seat on the side in a circle’?

I’ve read the description of it, but don’t quite understand what it is - I think I need to see it in action.

Its just liking riding with it out back, but then you pull it forward and to the side. It pretty much rests on your side of your thigh. I can’t do it. Soon as the wheels off tilt, I mess up.


Sorry no videos. Don’t got a camera.

Ill make a video as soon as my battery is recharched and ill put it on my site.


i did a little seat on the side after the uni-yoga.its the at the bottom labeled “uni-yoga2 with seat on side.”

I had a go last night, I think I’ve got it right. Is it ok if the seat rests against the outside of your thigh? If I try to hold it away from my body, I can’t do it!

For the USA skill levels, I’m pretty sure it’s allowed. Check the USA Rulebook to be sure though.

For Standard Skill, or if you’re in any way a purist, the seat cannot touch the body. If you are doing Standard Skill there is a “seat against body” version for less points. Doing that trick in any kind of a straight line without touching the body is pretty hard! It’s not bad in a circle though.

If the seat rests against your thigh its fine. :slight_smile: