Seat numbness

As most of you have probably also experienced, extended sitting on a unicycle can make certain parts numb. I like to ride some distance and find myself having to stand up every now and then to prevent losing feeling.

Will an air seat prevent this? If so, I’ll get one because I like to relax on the seat but figure that going numb can’t be good for the biology. Is an air seat the answer for extended seat time?



I wont say it is a cure, BUT it has definetely extended my comfort on long rides ( 15 to 25 miles ) about the only numbness I still seem to get is my left foot sometimes gets a little numb


Air seats are generally comfy for the first 10 to 20 miles. For longer rides you still get the numb saddle soreness.

The problem with air seats is that they bulge up where you’re not sitting and bulge up into the softer tissues. That is the opposite of what you want to have happen if you’re going to do a long road ride. Ah, but they are so cushy when you first sit on one which makes their comfort deceptive. Another problem with air seats is that it is more difficult to adjust your position on the saddle to move the pressure points around. When you move over to a different part of the saddle or change your posture on the saddle the air seat just bulges the same as it did before and the result is that you end up with the same pressure points.

Some of the long distance road riders are starting to switch back to foam seats after experimenting with air seats. Experimenting with different types of foam and cutting the foam to different shapes and profiles. Some people are experimenting with flatter saddles that don’t have as deep of a “U” shape.

All in all it comes down to personal preference. Foam has the advantage that you can adjust your position and posture on the seat to keep the blood flowing and stave off the numbness. Cutting the foam in a KH seat to suit your idea of a comfortable saddle shape works for some people. It will take some experimentation.

One style and build of a saddle is not going to be comfortable for everyone. What one person says about saddles may not hold for you.