Seat keeps dropping

Hey guys, now that I am going further, something like a mile or two, I have this problem that after I come back, I notice my seat has dropped a couple of cm. It’s not really noticable when I ride because the drop is gradual and slight. But it annoys me because after a few rides, it becomes obvious and I can’t put enough weight on the seat so I get tired more easily.

Is there a solution to this problem? I always tighten the seat as far as it can go. Currently it’s a stock unicycle, no additions to it.

Thanks much

Sounds like you either need to tighten your existing seatclamp more or get a better one.
What kind do you have at the moment, a quick release type or an allen bolt type?

Allen bolt. The seat clamps are replacable? I was thinking, is it possible to get a “good” seat clamp and just put it on top of the existing one?

yeah, just find out what size it is and get them for like 6 bucks at

I had the same problem with my old uni. It had a quick release clamp. Changed the seat clamp and whallah. New uni.

As long as the current one isn’t welded on which it can be on cheap unicycles. Just do it up as absolutely tight as possible, if that doesn’t hold it then there’s something wrong.