Seat issue

In Melbourne, I was using a 24" Axis unicycle; the seat wasn’t perfect, but it was relatively comfortable. Then I upgraded to a UDC 36" unicycle, which I used a lot. the fit of the seat wasn’t as good. Then I shipped the 36" to the U.S., and sold the 24". Foolishly, I did not swap the seats.
The seat on the 36", as well as the seats on the few unicycles I have seen locally, is a poor fit; the curve of the seat is too deep, and the length is too short, and my weight is concentrated either on my tailbone with me sitting on the back lip of the uni, or very high on my two friends in ways that I never had issues with on the other seat.
What would people recommend I look into as a replacement seat that might have better fit for me? The flatter the better, it seems like at the moment.

I modify all my saddle foams to make them a bit flatter but if the foam is too thin or it doesn’t make enough difference you could add a chunk of wood to your saddle to give it a flatter profile.

Check out the “Poor man’s Freeride seat

I usually opt for modifying something I already have over buying new if I don’t like it.

The tools you used there are not ones I have access to. What saddle were you trying to mimic there, and are there flatter ones now?

So a flatter seat is more comfortable?

most people would say yes. If you look at the KH seats over the last few years you’ll see that they are getting flatter with each revision. The latest ones even have a new seatbase that is itself less curved.

We aren’t too far away from a flat base with some contoured foam on top.

I’ll have to modify my street some, that thing gets real uncomfortable after an hour or so of trail riding. Add foam or something.

I made a wedge out of some microcell foam that I had laying around. It is really easy to shape, and it is much like the one in the thread that Eric linked. I put it into an old KH Fusion (pre-Freeride) saddle, and it was like getting a new saddle.

If you have a lace on cover you should be able to make the mod pretty easily.

Thats what I have (except street:p). I just wonder if it will move when I do seat-in-front trails, not that I do SIF often.

I didn’t tape mine in or anything, and it hasn’t budged. As long as you lace it up nice and tight there really isn’t anywhere for it to go.

Aight, thanks. Now to find some foam…

I just ordered from here:

They sell a 16"x18" for $18.50.

I ordered the high density but have not received it so can’t comment on it.

This place sells mini cell: Minicell foam and Materials for kayak seats and components

Think i have an KH seat laying around, probably use that, but thanks for the info.