Seat in trials Vs. SIF?

Can seat in trials compare to SIF? I know there are some people who do great trials seat in, like Yoggi and Joe Hodges, but when I watch them I can’t help but think about how they would look so much better riding SIF.

There are times when seat in gives me more control for certain precise gaps and stuff, but I don’t find myself using it very often.

Sure when I was first learning trials, it was entirely seat in, but I forced myself to learn Seat in front and now it’s just so much better,it even seems like SIF trials is just more fun to me. I’m not sure why, its like going seat in is taking the easy way out or something. It can be more comfortable doing not-so-challenging lines seat in, but it feels more ‘real’ to me SIF.

Not to mention it at least should be easier to jump higher SIF, becuase you can tuck and get the unicycle up over your butt, thus not having to jump as high with your body and being able to jump higher. Wereas with seat in you have to pull you whole body straight up onto the obstacle, even with a very low seat.

How is it different for people who ride exclusivly seat in?

I only just learned how to ride SIF, and my side hop has gone from 24" to 27", though I can rolling hop SI up 27". I am more precise with seat in, and can gap further (6’) SI that SIF (5.5’). I believe it is personal preference, but SIF is very good for doing big side hops. SI is good for gaps (sideways) and control, like riding rails.

That’s my input. Probably all wrong:D

Thank you for not making this a poll.

I’m SIF.

i like riding seat in, in fact, today I got a 31-32" ledge, and maybe higher over something I just feel much more comfortable seat in. SIF feels funny, i am learning SIF slowly, i still like to do seat in most of the time.

if it is a fairly easy line, then I do it seat in to boost my confidence, then i try SIF.

i like rolling hops, i find that I can tuck pretty well doing them. more so than i feel comfortable with when I am doing SIF, really i think i just need to get more comfortable with SIF, but it is a pain.

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I like rolling hops.

thats all i have to say about that.

Seat in all the way. If you can do all the big lines that way it makes sif look like shit. to be honest sif dosn’t have style to it. Seat in you can watch it flow. That’s just me. But don’t get me wrong there are some excellent sif riders.

obviously you don’t know anything about style nor flow… Out of all the trials rider ive ever seen the one with the most flow and style HAS to be Zack Baldwin even thought he isn’t the best. Sif usually allows you do go high but there are some exceptions, but still how does sif not have style or flow ? Wow

I don’t ride much trials but when I do I’m SIF all the way. I can get much farther and higher that way.

do whatever you want. whys everything so opionionated.your a fag for worrying about looking like a noob.

Forward drop gaps def do seat in. Side gaps do seat out. With seat out you are given the abbility to angle the uni in mid air, and aiming it at thin areas better than seat in, you can also move the uni for ballance without moving your body.

SIF on drops only. It feels more natural to hop SI. Will learn to ride more SIF this summer.

apart from the reference to homosexuality, you are right.

Woah. For one, Forrest is a top-notch rider. He knows what he is up to, and how to ride.

Secondly, he isnt asking how he should ride. He is asking how riding seat-in is different then the people who ride SIF. Getting the pros and cons from each side.

Anyways, I ride all Seat in, or seat under, as I am seeing it as more now. I think SIF will always have the upper hand, because how much you can tuck, giving you extra height and distance for gaps and jumps. Also, everything I have seen SIF, I have seen done Seat-in. SO it can be done both ways.

It really is a preference thing though, cause I have far more control seat-in then I do SIF, for anything. I even have room to move the uni around under me to keep balance, and can still twist the uni and everything, in mid-air to correct how I am gonna land on an object.

Don’t get me wrong. By seat in trials I mean… hopping around static. Rolling hops are another story. I can rolling hop higher and farther then I can SIF static.

I’m talking about static trials here.

Andrew Carter is another primarly seat in trials rider who’s freakin AMAZING!
So I think it really depends on what you think is more comfortable, and of course what you find easier.

I pretty much use to go seat in all the time untill I learnt how to hop high SIF. I can probably hop highest rolling hop mainly because I’m a lot more comfortable with it. For gaps and hopping onto things I use SIF 90% of the time.

SIF is better
SI looks tacky… even joe hodges doesn’t make it look very good(he is an amazing rider, but SIF just looks better.