seat-in to seat-in treyflip

is there any shorter name for this? cuz im tired of calling it that.

‘In to in treyflip’. Or just ‘in to in trey’.

But then I think it should really be out to in, because like with an outflip you start from in and spin out…

thats still a bit long but its better…

If you are implying that the seat in version of a trick should have an entirely different name from its seat out variation then I wholeheartedly disagree. In-to-in trey isn’t tough.

I say tre in to in.


isn’t that an in to out treyflip?

so fullintflip or fullintrey

inside trey? inner trey?

I’d just call it a trey.

I agree, in to in trey isnt tough. But as soon as it getst to 1 handed blind in to in treyfakieflip… Things get complicated.

It’s called treyflip, or blind treyflip depending. I think we should get rid of the outflip and inflip names. That was a bad decision on my part and I apologize. Just call the movement of the unicycle the trick. Unfortunently bigspins and fullvarials are way different for difficulty, this is the only trick I would want to keep different names.

-Shaun Johanneson

I agree, why wouldn’t you just call it a treyfilp?

One sure way to make unicycling look unattractive is to have a language that doesn’t make any sense to the common person.

But then again, most common people call my unicycle a:tricycle, quad bike, one wheeeled bike, funny bike, ‘‘thing’’ (and even once a SKATEBOARD!) …

I think they need to get the unicycle part first.

We could abbreviate it as a SISI Treyflip… Or even call it a “Sissy” Treyflip.
Sound good?

I reckon we should have 'left 180 and right side 180, 360,540, 720 unispin/ hoptwist.

Like skaters have front side and back side.

That way you could have right side 360 late flips.

I dunno, but I would prefer to say that.