Seat in,seat out???

When I pogo onto things and pogo off of them, which is easier to learn, seat in, or seat out. I am only starting to learn this, so it would be good to do what is better now, so that I don;t have to learn things twice. When I do jumps for height, when do I pull the seat out, before I jump or after i am in the air???

Seat in is much much much easier to learn, but fro seat out you have to seat out prior to you jumping


Seat in hopping is much easier, but both are vital in trials. For the time being, I’d say practice hopping seat in.

To learn seat out, first learn to ride seat it front. Check out for advice on learning that. Seat out gives you much more height that seat in, but requires a LOT more control of the wheel.

The important thing to remember is keep trying things you can’t do - that’s how you improve.