seat in hops

once you pull up all the way is there any more things that you can do to hop with your seat in higher p.s please put both side hop and rolling hop

tuck a little, like lift you legs as much as you can. oh and practice. you’ll figure it out.

Lower your seat as much as you can. If you want to get extreme, you can even cut off some seat post so that you can raise the uni that much more.

And most importantly… PRACTICE

Practice, thats the key. And have variable goals to head for. Once you can do it, its a very strange feeling to be hopping as high as you do. I can crankgrab the end of an average picnic table, and that’s plenty high enough for me. The issue I have now is trying to work out if my cranks are going to be in the right place for a rolling hop. I’d like to spontaneously do some lines without having to dismount, set up, roll back, mount & go for it.