seat in hops

how high can you hop with the seat in?

I got around 20 inches before switching to seat out. Now, I can do about 20 inches with seat out, and it’s been ages since I’ve tried seat in for that height, but I expect I could still make it.

I have between a 24 or 26 inch seat in hop

Is that static, or rolling hop? Because if you can static hop 26 inches seat in, then you could easiy do about 30 to 35 inches seat out, which while not impossible, seems somewhat unlikely.

seat in

i started a few months ago and right now i can do a 15 inch hop (with a prehop). do you have any tips on getting that higher?

its static and rolling

Do you realize that what you said is oxymoronical?

LOL. What I think he means is that his sidehop is like 24 inches and his rolling is like 26. I’m not sure.

my rolling side hop is like 20 inches on my kh24…


I can rolling hop like 34 inches. but side hop like 36 inches.


I finally got 10 inches the other day. it was exciting for me, since it was the first thing I’ve ever hopped on.

what I ment to say was that my static and rolling are both around 26 inches high