Seat-In Hop Height?

As far as hopping records go, only seat-out and rolling hops seem to be included in most polls of height.

I’m interested to know what the highest seat-in, not rolling, side hop is, but you can count pre-hops. Mine’s a crappy 18" or so to get it started.

Also any seat-in gap distances people have would be interesting too!

Thanks James

My highest seat-in hop is about 23"… but my average is only about 20".

The highest i get is about 17" seat in. As for seat in gapping, it’s about 1m sideways. And the wheelsize, it’s a 26".

This comparison between gapping and high jumping seat in is really interesting. I have no idea what my height seat in is…not very impressive at all though. I think gapping seat in I can go about 1.8m(ish) these days.


i got 17" once long ago, but now my seat is way too high for seat in hopping. i can hop equally far seat in or out, but i think its easier to land a far gap seat in.

i can hop about 24" on average with my seat in and gapping seat in is about 1.4-1.5 max. but all that depends on the size of the wheel though i think.

busta_gustv do you mean just bouncing and then pop up two feet straight up? If so, wow!! Also, is it only me or should you not be able to gap more than 1.5 feet if you can vertical 2 feet? Just curious.


ive only managed 70cm max with seat out :s i dont like it, Rolling hops are great :slight_smile:

I’m new to all of this but I started trying to hop differently after riding with KH in Venice, and seeing him clear 25 inch stuff easily despite his head not going more than 15 up during the hop (meaning his vertical jump was only 15 inches). He got the extra ten or so inches by sucking his lower body up once he was in mid air – sort of like a mogal skiier absorbing bumps wihout his head jumping up and down. But here, with hops, the bump doesn’t push your lower body up, you’ve got to suck it up once you lift off. Before seeing and understanding this, I was just trying to literally jump over everything, and nobody can jump too high with a piece of gear dangling off of you.

I think because you can suck the uni up under you much more with the seat out – the uni heigth is not checked by your crotch – you can also hop higher as a result.

Just a few observations. I’ve got a long ways to go befor perfecting any of this, but at least now I’m working with a better concept.


What about seat in?

I can manage about 17" (seat in or out doesn’t make huge difference for me). Maybe a bit more on a good day.