Seat in Front

Im interested in learning how to ride SIF. Can someone provide some advice, info, videos, etc. Thanks for the help

Are you on my unicycle football team? Do you live in San Marcos?

american football? whoa thats is brutallity man hahaha

Yes, we have an American Football on Unicycles League (UFL) in San Marcos. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. And one of my friends, (my team is the Unicychos) has been talking about learning SIF a lot…

do you fly on the people who are on the uni? THATS CRAZY HAHAHA do you have any video to show me? , I loved the idea but looks this have a lot of violence, i dont know, just saying
and to your buddie and the thread creator , try to sif ride is good in a corridor , you will need much support to get the balance , I’m trying to learn it!

Sorry to hijack. But, here are a few small tips.

  1. make sure your seat is low enough to slide out FAIRLY easily from between your legs - of course even this takes practice.
    2)when riding SIF, tuck the unicycle seat kind of into yourself so you are supported, rather than riding with arms outstretched.
    3)learn sif hopping right away. It is much much easier than actually riding.
    4)start on a pole, wall, or by a fence. You know the drill - get used to how it feels for a little while and then you’ll learn it much more quickly when you go for it.
    5)When jumping HIGH SIF, you can bring the unicycle up just beneath you by tucking in your legs, since you’re in SIF position and your body is not in the way.

That’s all I can think of for now. Like most things, it feels very awkward at first, but if you’re doing it everyday, progress comes.

Erik: Yeah, I have a couple vids. I’ll try to upload them asap.

thanks for the quick replies everyone.

  1. im sorry, but im not who youre thinking of. i live in pennsylvania, but I think the unicycle football league does sound interesting
    2)can someone post pictures of some SIF riding, so I can confirm im doin it correctly.
  2. thanks for the advice

Here’s a video.

one thing that helped me learn is to try to pay attention to keeping your “force” on each pedal roughly the same.

What i mean is that if you push a lot harder on your right/left pedal, your uni is going to want to tip over to that side. The harder you push on one with respect to the other, the harder it’s going to want to fall over on you.

Ah, yes, an important one: pull on the seat (one handed) like to want to tear it off. The arc will create a more solid connection, and the position of the seat more stable.

Are you serious???

I put most of my weight on the seat as a SUPPORT when riding SIF…!!

Ha, I’m always trieng to be as liberate as possible in my suggestions. Your method is pretty good to! I never thought of that, and maybe very useful once a learning proces goes to side-ride.