Seat in front jump

When I seat in front hop, the rear bumper on my viscount chafes my thigh.
Is this because my seat’s to low, or am I holding the seat wrong?
If I raise the seat higher I don’t seem to be able to jump as high.
I don’t know,
Maybe I’ll just try it.
Right now I can jump 21 inches,
the last time I changed my seat height I lost maybe 2 inches jump height,
and I don’t want to go through the learning progression again.
Any suggestions?

Since there’s a thread about seat in front hops, I’ll ask my question:
When I hop seat in front, I hold it with two hands. I can’t balance at all if I use both hands. And when I hop, my torso is in the way. What am I doing wrong?

Can you ride seat in front?


Try holding the seat closer to your body, it helps keep you stable.
Oh, and I raised my seat, going to test it now.

while I was testing this new seat height, my tire started making a hissing noise, right after a jump.
So, now I have to fix my tire.

Re: Seat in front jump

Wear longish freestyle riding shorts over your bike shorts. The heavy fabric and friction-free interface will protect your legs.