Seat in Front Comfort-- Balsa Wood

The lip of a carbon fiber seat base is NOT a comfortable thing to hang on
to when you’re doing seat in front moves. I tried using automotive hose,
which is way better than nothing at all, but the hose would move out of
place fairly often. Finally I pulled something out of an old hobby-- a
balsa block.

Carved the bottom of the block into a comfy shape, and carved the top to
fit against the curve of the underside of the seat base. Scuffed the
bottom of the seat base so glue would stick, and stole my wife’s hot glue
gun with the high strength sticks in it. Wait a few minutes for the glue
to cool, and it’s done. It never moves out of place, can be shaved to any
shape you want, and you could probably get even better comfort by gluing a
thin layer of felt or foam rubber to it.