seat Idea

Ok today i was riding and pulled a 180 unispin and without thinking landed seat in
it was uncomfortable. So then I thought maybe I should make a symetrical seat. I am gonna get a stiffener and shape it to a symetrical shape. Then I will make it a gel seat. Is it worth ist? I thin this would be a good Idea for street riding.

Hehe I posted on 420 that was for you danni:)

A symetrical seat wouldn’t be comfortable, the seat is currently shaped for your body which isn’t symetrical. Think about how uncomfy it would be to be sitting on two front sides of a seat, or two backsides. It just doesn’t work without being uncomfortable.

Thanks! blushes What a considerate thing to do.

The seat idea I think wouldn’t work. Ur pedals would always unscrew themselves if u rode for a long time without switching (which is the purpace).

The purpose of a seat that is narrower in the front is to allow your legs to go forward while pedaling. a symetrical seat would cause major chaffing. I used to have one of those “bent-rectanularish” seats on my funky-monkey and it was extremely uncomfortable!

Yeah maybe not. but still one with the back slimed down would be nice. Then I could land 180 and 540 unispins seat in and ride away not all retarded and goofy.

or just start with the seat backwards

Your arse would fall off.

if it was slim at the back it would push ur buttcheeks apart and over the years it would get to be like 15 cm apart. :smiley:

The first uni I learned on was the cheap Savage unicycle, which had a symmetrical seat. From my experience, this is the worst seat I have tried so far, after trying a semcycle, viscount, Torker, Kris Holm regular and air saddles. The problem with this is because it’s fat in the front as well as in the rear, which also makes it obnoxiously big. Now I could see that if you made it both thin in the front and rear, then it might be nice for pulling certain tricks, but riding it might still be uncomfortable in different areas compared to the savage saddle. Seeming as though that your intent is to pull off tricks with the saddle rather than bolting to a Coker for a 100-mile tour, then you’re idea might be pretty good.

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