Seat How High???

I come from a mountain biking backround, and I am used to having the seat pretty high. How high should the seat be on the unicycle? I am just learning to ride and it seems to low thanks for any comments or feedback.

jus’ whatever fells best for you.I like it low for hopping,tricks &stuff,higher for MUni and longer rides.
Play around with differnt heights to what you like best.

Its just like mountain biking. You want the seat higher for XC. You want it lower for DH and more technical stuff. Same for trials.

Re: Seat How High???

While you’re just learning to ride. use the same basic method as setting the seat height on your bike. Adjust the saddle hieght so that your heel just touches the pedal at it’s lowest point with your butt firmly planted on the saddle. If this feels a little too high. drop the saddle about 10mm. Once you learn other skills, such as hopping, it may become necessary to lower to saddle

Thanks for the advise

Thanks for the advise

I started using a quick release on my MUni so I could quickly change heights – low for technical stuff with drops and hopping, then back up high for straight riding or descents down fire trails where you can bust out the tricks (grim with the seat low, foot on the crown and knee up by your chin).